Track Descriptions

This track is focused on the innovations and challenges presented by managing the core aspects of human resources management. Whether it is the basics of record keeping, manager- and self-service, employee directories, time management, absences—there are creative ways to think about these processes differently given the tools we now have available to us. Give us your perspective, from the most global organizations to the smallest businesses. How are you making it easier for employees to do business with you? How have you transformed your employees’ experiences?

Everyone is connected these days. How has that affected your business environment? How are you leveraging social to find the people you need with the critical skill sets for your business? Are your employees telling their friends this is a great place to work and inspiring them to join? What are your best practices in engaging candidates? Is your recruiting strategy changing now that you have new tools? What are you doing differently to accelerate onboarding, productivity, and engagement for new employees?

Everyone needs to pay their people for the work that they do. Let’s talk about the latest trends. Should we pay for performance? Is the bell curve helpful or should it be abolished? Are there benefits that are more valued by your workforce now? Do you manage different payrolls in every country? How can you maximize the effectiveness of your pay structure to match with your employees’ ideal balance of pay/benefits? How does your compensation strategy align and change with your corporate strategy? How are you making it easier for your managers to calibrate compensation efforts? What’s new and different about your incentive compensation practices?

How are you capturing talent profiles of your workforce? How are you ensuring you have more information about your workforce than the public domain? How do you make them the best they can be, both for themselves and how they will contribute back to your organization? How are you accelerating learning with technology? How can they create career paths for themselves? Have you radically changed your performance management processes? How do you identify your top talent for succession planning? What challenges do you see as a new generation enters the workforce? Tell us your stories about your people and the things you are all achieving together.

Analytics is more than just number crunching. You have to generate actionable insight—activities that can be derived from analysis of the data—in order for this to be useful. How are you leveraging the information generated within your system? How do you partner with other areas of the business to provide more complete information? What unique dashboards have you created? How are analytics making your people managers and HR professionals more effective? We’d love to hear some predictive stories. This track will explore the way data and analytics are being managed today, what you can do, and how you can leverage this asset as you analyze your business.

This track is where your inner geek can flourish. Sessions in this track will talk about the technical aspects of a cloud / modern implementation. We’ll talk about strategy for approaching integrations and configurations, security and data privacy, and how these tie in to your overall business / HR strategy.

Do you have any great stories on a research study in your organization that points to reasons to change? What’s disrupting your business or talent bench? How are you transforming your organization? What is your workforce demanding? How do you keep innovating? How is the role of HR changing in your company? How have you managed a significant change in your organization? Share how you are using technology to improve your culture and make your company a great place to work. Share your experience, excitement, and engagement stories here.