With eight tracks and over eighty sessions, our agenda is packed with thought provoking sessions led by the industry’s top HR minds, including our customers, our partners and the top Oracle HR experts and strategists. Please click on each track to view information and sessions. Our agenda is updated daily, check back often to see our program.


This track talks about the latest trends in business collaboration, how social technology and “the digital workforce” is changing business and the way we work and accomplish things.

This track focuses on the innovations and challenges presented by managing the core aspects of human resources management. Whether it is the basics of record keeping, self-service, personal profiles, time management, absences – there are creative ways to think about these processes differently given the tools we now have available to us.

This track focuses on the complete process your organization needs to do to acquire new talent. From the initial sourcing activities, to recruiting and marketing your organization, to onboarding new hires, this is where we will talk about the latest trends on bringing in new people to your organization.

Everyone needs to pay their people for the work that they do. This track focuses on Compensation and Benefits programs, as well as Payroll.

Topics in this track include Career Development, Succession, Learning Plans, and Measuring Success in these areas. Compare notes with presenters and other conference participants about working with the people in your organization.

This track will explore the way data and analytics are being managed today, what you can do, and how you can leverage this asset as you analyze your business. The market is buzzing about Big Data and Actionable Insight, so let’s explore what that really means to you and your business.

This track is where your inner geek can flourish. Sessions in this track will talk about the technical aspects of a Cloud / Modern implementation. We’ll talk about strategy for approaching integrations and configurations, security and data privacy, and how this ties in to your overall business / HR Strategy.

This track will provide insights and examples from companies that are leveraging technology and programs to keep their workforce on the cutting edge. Innovations in Human Resources will be explored and discussed. Let’s talk about what you can do to participate or lead the way.